I worked with Art Director Sei Nakashima at Rhythm & Hues Studios on the treatment of several primary locales for Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. The first of such locales, the volcano, appeared several times in the film, starting out dormant and erupting toward the end of the film and setting the final act in motion. The evolution of the volcano works both toward changing the tone of the film from calm to panicked, and aiding the viewer's notion of how much time Dave and the chipmunks have spent on the island. I aimed for a simple palette: from blue-green to red-orange. Below are two concept paintings followed by an image from the final film.

We arrive at a quiet moment three-quarters into the film, with Dave on one side of the island and Alvin, along with the other chipmunks and chipettes, on the other. This scene serves as a reminder to one of the main themes of this film series: the value of friendship. The focus here was on Dave, so I kept things simple. The sky isn't cluttered with stars, and the moon is partially hidden behind clouds. As per the above layout, a shot of the film follows three of my proposed concepts.

In this climactic sequence, Dave and the chipmunks must cross the tree-bridge seen below prior to escaping the island. The volcano is erupting, hence the red-orange hue overlay. I was given a raw green-screen shot of foreground elements, to which I helped add a full CG set extension and sky, lit according the film plate. I also provided additional foreground color adjustments and effects.

The following shot is a continuation of the above scene, where I extended the environment beyond the green-screen set and established appropriate light and color directions. The wide shot of the final film shows how closely this concept was followed through post-production.